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My name is Shari Sherman, which you probably already know if you’ve gotten this far. I’m an artist and a writer whose main goal is to express myself and try to spread some love in this crazy world of ours. 


As the days turn into months, and months turn into almost a full year, the effects of the COVID pandemic have taken a toll on everyone. Especially healthcare workers.


Throughout all of this, I had been wondering if there was anything more that I could do to help get us through this (aside from mask wearing, handwashing, and social distancing). One day I decided that I could use my art and words to offer encouragement where it is needed most. After all, I created a greeting card line and a book based on my doodles called Listen to Your Inklings, with the purpose of offering encouragement and bringing a few smiles. 


So one day I created a notecard, with a superhero Inkling, to send out to random various healthcare workers/hospitals.  The process is simple, and this is how I do it, if you’d like to join in! 


  1.  Gather cards. If you’d like to use the ones that I made, use this link: . The outside says “Not all superheroes wear capes” and the inside reads “But they all wear masks. You are a hero.”  Each notecard comes with a lovely bright yellow envelope which I hope will help it find the eyes and hearts that it needs to. 

  2. Who to send it to?  I started noticing interviews from ICU nurses on TV, I would note the hospital that they worked for, and then Google the address and voila! At the bottom of each envelope, on the front, I write:  ATTN:  ICU nurses/Covid Team (or a particular doctor or nurse).  For my first batch of cards, I included the local hospitals where I live.  (I worked as a medical transcriptionist for over a decade, and I have nurses in my family, so I knew that I wanted to send encouragement close to home as well as across the country.)

  3. I’ve included a little handwritten note inside each card to let the nurses know that we are still thinking of them and that we appreciate all that they are doing. Then sign them. I believe that handwriting carries magic with it. This process is meditative and calming, as I try to radiate out lots of love as I write out each word. 

  4. Apply stamps.  I know that postage can add up. The cost of a stamp is a small price to pay when I think about the smile or hope that this card could possibly give to a nurse who is exhausted and drained. I just do what I can, when I can. 

  5. Then Post! 


If you are on Instagram, use the hashtag #sendmedlove and post photos of your process. 

If you’d like to follow me, you can find me:  @sharishermanart  and @listentoyourinklings

If you have any questions, please feel free to DM me or email me at 

Together we can make a difference! 

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