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an artist/illustrator, a writer, a mother, dog lover, encourager, idea wrangler, a mermaid, and more! 

 I have been an artist all of my life. my favorite thing when I was little was a new coloring book and the "big" box of crayons! . My creativity  knew no bounds though, I loved to paint by numbers, watercolor, crochet, latch-hook, play with clay, light-bright and, man, could I shrink a dink! and I loved to draw. I would sit for hours and draw the little images out of the encyclopedia for fun! 

Fast forward a few years, and i'm still following my creativity... drawing, painting, writing, and whatever calls my heart. I decided to make it "real" about 10 years ago and formed my company, Hula Dog Designs. I started out primarily painting pet portraits because I love dogs! cats too. But really dogs!! the ball started rolling from there and It has been a wild ride doing art festivals, illustrating books, making greeting cards, teaching others to tap into their creativity, facilitating artist's way groups, and generally bringing ideas to life. 

Currently I am working on my first full-fledged book, doodling up a storm, and hosting local accountability and encouragement circles. I believe that my purpose is to encourage and lift, inspire creativity, and teach kindness and a possibility mindset.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. I hope you have a delightful time checking out my website. 

"If the Artist's Way and SARK had a baby, it would be Shari! "- artist, Lillian Brue

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